I am moments

The Cells of Your Body

Community Building


Shore Acres Pond. Pete4ducks. flickr 2007Community Building is like saying you want to care for the planets ecology — just another type of ecology, the ecology of consciousness. It’s a recognition of a human need that waxes and wanes like a moon inside the skyline of our present history. We all intuit the importance of community in our lives.

There is a memory inside us intuitively that knows that when we feel joyful moments with each other, it is something so very natural. It tells us that sharing who we are is first and foremost on the list of fulfilling experiences for human beings.

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Community and Avatar

Please don't forget me today. carf. flickrWhen people develop an ability to discover themselves in the midst of human relationship feeling well loved, important and fully enjoyed, there is nothing better! Isn’t that the prize of life for everyone?

And why is that? Perhaps it is because we are a large organism with subtle realms that link us all together as one ever present being. Awakening to the importance of the information flowing in each living organism, the unique pattern of information each individual has to offer, is a gift of community involvement, the way instruments makeup an orchestra.

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