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Hello, thank you for your interest in me and what I do. And what is that exactly? I am an author, a poet, and a coach and mentor to creative adepts and to communities who want to live the awareness that they shape the world in all they think, speak and do. Otherwise, I am creating art, writing or developing some great new adventure to go on myself. I authored a model of consciousness, Transmuter Reality ™, which is being used by a number of life coaching institutions and holistic centers professionals. I am also the author several books of poetry which will soon be available.  How did I get into such a remarkable life?

I remember back to dancing on “Mr. Rockefeller’s” feet and being twirled around on Sunday afternoon at our family’s estate in New York. Then out to dine at Sardi’s with George C. Scott and Jane Deacy, my mother’s agent long ago and dear family friends. I was used to creative genius and the means to pull off whatever might be needed in the initiation of any project! How lucky I have been to have lived with and traveled with some of the more creative people of recent times.

I was schooled formerly at Elizabeth Seton College, Pace University, Azusa Pacific University and the Jesuit School of Theology. In the end I was at the top of my class in religion and psychology, holding a double masters and a near doctorate, when I awakened in class one day and decided to leave school altogether.

I walked down to the local coffee shop to write a withdrawal letter thanking the school for my education and to notify them of my departure, and I began writing a book instead that has been with me ever since. The topic was about human development from a perspective that views us as a transmutative species. I have been holding this perspective since.

I have created art, written and taught others about how our attitudes, emotional attention, and choices to act, shape all we do, despite what history we come from. I have especially enjoyed helping myself and others understand human relationship with far greater success.

I did this so that I could steep in the endless possibilities of living a life awakened to such a self referred reality with a greater likelihood of living up to my own dreams. For me my greatest dreams always involved growing wise in love, while adept at navigating life with great respect for it. So this is what I focused on for the last 45 years now in my adult life.

I lived a predominantly reclusive lifestyle, watching ants, resting in the swells of the oceans with large whales, writing poetry and visiting with shamans from around the world for the first part of my life after school. I had awakened to the memory of the source of life in a manner that permitted me to keep up the connection night and day, day and night! I did this simply by following the felt sense of it throughout my daily life.

On this site you will see some of my art and writing through the Inner Oracle card line I sculpted and authored.

In the webisodes you will also find the tools and ideas I used for much of my own life that helped me to know myself better and meet others of like mind. You will be able to see why I chose the intimate life of community, interacting in a circle of friends and family who stay lovingly connected living their individual and collective dreams.

It has been this self responsible lifestyle of love that has formed the precious foundational pool of diversity and change that has blessed my life richly. No matter what is going on and no matter what challenges I meet, I am always deeply fulfilled and ready to laugh with friends! This is when life gets worth living!

In the section on community building you will be able to see and interact with the honor codes I used to serve others and their communities and to evolve my own community over the years. The honor codes offer a wonderful etiquette that insures an evolution of the self in harmony with others with the highest degree of freedom and the greatest potential for forming new creative enterprise.

At my age, nearly 60 now, if one hasn’t chalked up enough wisdom to stand out simply and clearly with a touch of that special mix of life experience and knowledge that flows through a perspective that has been formed with an absolute integrity of purpose and action, then why bother!

In the end we are all looking for someone to hold our dreams dear and help us effect them efficiently with excellence. This is my greatest gift. I witness people and help them notice themselves in the best light of their own greatest desires. I am an undeniable ally to that commitment for them and myself.

My years of experience as an entrepreneur, story singer (shamanic practice) and business woman make me a wonderful find. I help people live their dreams through the doorway of their own self awareness of personal power in the grace of being just who they are. Pure and simple.

I find this is what the world needs, and that if more people were simply who they really are, we would have many more new ideas available to act upon, and we would also have a far more compassionately alive population!

So, at four in the morning, you might find me writing wildly in my bed in the dark, or outside singing to the morning horizon as I shape the days attitudinal song that will flow in all I do.

I may be preparing a hypnosis session for someone to use to shape their thoughts and actions in a day or to open to a new mind for transitions that they are meeting, or I may be reviewing a business document for entertainers I support to give feedback for their consideration.

In essence, I am blessed to be around people who are constantly growing, changing and creating wonderful projects in the world, and I am here to help them best use more of who they really are to effect them!

Then when I want a rest, at any moment you might find me snuggling in a “peep blanket” (dogs lying every which way over me while we enjoy the warmth of our bodies and sweet funny glances of our eyes).

I am the creator of the new wonderful dog breed, Royal Frenchel! It is a mix of French Bulldog and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a touch of a couple other breeds. This has been a long time dream of my life too, to create a super healthy small companion breed of dog that loved going everywhere with you. And it finally happened over the last 8 years! Now the line is being patented, and they are selling like hot cakes.

Animals have made my home a warm and ever-ready snuggle zone for life! They have always provided a wonderful place for me to meet others as well, whether it be children visiting or entertainers seeking to find a more soulful voice, the dogs always seem to play a part in loosening up and getting comfortable enough to let loose. If you want to see the type of dog I am talking about you can find them at RoyalFrenchel.com.

Well, that is about it, with the exception of one more area of interest. Intuition. I help people develop greater ability intuitively in their own creative flow and to intuit “right action” that helps establish them in a flow of bliss that governs all they do. I call it the development of the Ecstasy Body tm.

I have started and founded Transmutation Nation (TransmutationNation.com) on the basis of this knowledge as it flows from each human being one at a time.

The lovely power of the self is always best when having joined in the act of giving that expression 100% into the world. When we are totally forward with our passionate heart in action, we create possibilities known as miracles. Like the miracle of feeling loved and being love.

Transmutation Nation is a place where the alchemists in life can gather, share and combine their energies to enrich the world of humanity and our sensibilities therein.

As each of us shines brilliantly, we evolve an awakened species ready to bless life with interest, love and the power to share in the ecology of consciousness we are. When we play in our love in the world, we generate compassionate understanding of the power of diversity the self is, when interconnected through expressions of passion and the grace of the heart. This is the genius in life I am blessed to be a part of.

So, at present, I am a Community Development Consultant. I help communities generate sustainable relationships multi-generationally, allowing for the enjoyment of the ecology of consciousness of the greater self.

Thank you for your kind attention and interest in who I am and how I might serve you.

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