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When people develop an ability to discover themselves in the midst of human relationship feeling well loved, important and fully enjoyed, there is nothing better! Isn’t that the prize of life for everyone?

And why is that? Perhaps it is because we are a large organism with subtle realms that link us all together as one ever present being. Awakening to the importance of the information flowing in each living organism, the unique pattern of information each individual has to offer, is a gift of community involvement, the way instruments makeup an orchestra.

When we live together as one body, respecting each other, voicing our passionate differences and permitting a balance to be attained where all is settled to peace… magic happens. This persevering hope that permits staying in wonder until all differences have worked on behalf of the purpose of the group is a blessing beyond compare. It releases a resource unique only to such a sharing of life among many.

Like mushrooms, we look separate on the surface, but underground, inside, we are inseparably linked as one being. We exist from the unseen to the seen world, flowing into form, transmuting and morphing our bodies and our world into new life each moment.

Every cell of our bodies is renewed within a little over one year. Truly we are a brand new person! What gathers us as we are is the attention and interests we act upon. And this energy goes into the soup of the greater community and world.

This interconnectivity is a river flow of an abundant life force informed by the way we respond to each moment we live. The collective of attitudinal references that we use impregnate the universe upon universe of our beings, calling to our sides experience which can awaken us to grander knowing of this reality — if we are looking for it.

The Mechanics of Evolution in Human Beings as Community. A Gift of Love, founded by me, Anahata Graceland, is a growing world community dedicated to the evolution of the transmutational nature of humanity. Its purpose is to help people learn about their transmutational nature, how it works and what new possibilities may exist for them in human relationship. Then to enjoy the environment of this grand nation of the self as we create, co-create and play in the nature of that being with higher and higher effectiveness in love.

Love as a working definition here, is that experience of viewing the world with the mind of valuing what is before us; person, place, or thing. Then having interest as to its purpose and what is important to it. This noticing alone is what opens the gate to new organizations of higher and higher learning. It is actually a form of contemplative life, only it is a lot more fun as it is simply the mechanics of how things work, not connected to some role or religious idea.

This intimate encounter is the doorway to the experience of love. Giving value to others is a grand event in human beings and being valued is experienced equally as well. Love is found when this act upon act is secured. It is reported wildly by those involved in sharing value within the context of respect and interest. Love is not a mystery, it is a technology!

Love is far beyond romance, it is intrinsic to human experience once a person develops the ability to discern their steps on their own behalf in life, treating others as though they are a treasured reality in their midst.

However, treating others as a treasured reality means that you give them honesty as your treasured offering. You are exchanging information that is a rich resource to be noticed and to be responded to by the nature of your chosen intent in life. Not niceties that fail when it comes to genuine expression. Genuine expression is the source flow of your being. Growing a mind of wisdom means starting here in human relationship.

When human kind adds the honorable living of our lives in genuine creative alliance to the world, we generate the magic of inspired knowing and can meet any situation landing on our feet!

This is the great secret! This is the simplicity of life that Transmutation Nation is all about. It is about supporting and creating environment for the archives of life lived from the perspective of transmutability to be shared and gathered. It is about creating a space in the world where people can gather from all walks of life, and from fields of excellence relevant to those lives, enabling awareness that flows more easily to the world for us all.

The wisdom of eons has spoken of this knowledge throughout every nation in its legends, spiritual paths, and through its wise leaders that have been held in high esteem over thousands of years. It has been acknowledged in a myriad of ways metaphorically and directly.

Avatar Reveals an Ecology of Consciousness of All Life

The movie Avatar expressed this holistic nature of humanity, in the ecology of consciousness between all beings and all types of beings in the movie.

This can seem like such an alien idea to our present culture (Of course, all puns intended!). Yet, this same culture went bananas over Avatar, buying up tickets and dvd’s.

This may be because the movie shared the hope that what we all know down deep is true. That all life matters as an important stream of information by the nature of its unique experience. It rests in a pool of the tree of life and when tapped into within ourselves we are inspired to new realities and behave accordingly.

Life can be held in a balance that wins for all involved, if we are about such a wonder filled, qualitative life of interest and sharing information through the breath of our genuine involvement. It sure beat the sounds of thin pursed lips of shallow words given by mouths with hidden agendas in fearful hoarding maneuvers, didn’t it!

The discernment between life and non life giving ways, was easy to see in the film Avatar perhaps, but not so easy in our present day culture necessarily. This will be a job for Transmutation Nation.

The unity and works of the transmutation nation family supports the increase of discernment for choice making that is rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of human beings generosity. One by one, for one by One. Source is who we are. Adding our special ingredient of who we are in truth sets us loose with an ecstasy body large enough to experience it!

Help is On the Way!

In the end, acting way beyond what we think we are physically able to manifest (as did the lead actor of Avatar) and acting on what we think is the best dream possible to throw our full bodied courage at, is all we need ever do! Then hold it until those resources of people, places and things that are coming to our side through the invisible realms of life joins us in unique circumstances and the avalanche of being met thoroughly with all we need!

This is a fact. Try it yourself. You will see. Just loose yourself in the passionate work of your heart and give every act toward it in thought word and deed. Especially noticing your world from the vantage point of what you are creating.

When you do this with the open mind to what is in front of you, you breathe in the unique information there that that manifestation is presented for, even if it is to walk past it, or to embrace it, taking it off its feet! Whatever your genuine endeavor, holding what is around you as your very own aid to all you want and more, this works.

And this breakthrough is always connected at its base to what the legends and great stories of every country throughout all time has always shared. In the end, it results in a larger community of love. And it will always incorporate new beings that you never thought you would ever be involved with! And you will be happier than you ever imagined.

Are You Ready for More?

As we hold that integrity of being suggested above, even if we start as an ignorant cripple lacking wisdom and much knowing, we birth ourselves anew over and over again by the nature of this discipline of respect of ourselves and those we are then given the compassion to interact with.

The primary needs of our greater self in all that surrounds us beckons us to respond with new hope, innovative consciousness, where the context is the memory we can work it out and that life is a delicate balance of many realms out of form and throughout all forms.

As much as we are free to act forward on our dreams, we enter also a delicacy of life’s interactivity and connectivity that is stunning once we jump off the bridge of doing for others attention, to doing out of our hearts leading and greatest passion. This is a location on the map of self that only those who live it can attest to. Others cannot even hear the words nor recognize the actions there as sanity.

That is why they group and push life away that speaks of freedom of mind and heart. They live in a consumer consciousness where hoarding and competition rules and where there isn’t hope other than power over people. This is the age old experience that we meet again today…. But now from a very different vantage point when we realize that we are not merely “consumers” we are transmuters!

Transmutation Nation is a growing community of beings who are willing to come together and share their courage, strength and wisdom for the sake of honoring the inter-connective energies of humanity to each other and all life. Seen and unseen.

It is an opportunity for professionals who seek the wisdom of their professions to share and be known for their wares. Inside Transmutation Nation is the Alchemists Exchange where people of all walks of life who hold the chords of living song together for our world, share their strengths and creative adept skill for change and the absolute joy it is to be alive and free! Co-creative alliances grow here rooted in the memory of principles of life and our transmutability.

Participating in community can be relaxing and peace producing when it is focused on the “all for one” and “one for all” scenario. When people are invited to be who they are no matter what, first…. And when each individuals dream unites in a community purpose and the goal is greater than any one individual and offers the whole a new life of changing constancy of diverse expressions.

Probably because we are most remembered to who we are when we are in love with life itself and someone for who they are, and when they are in love with us for who we are.

That experience of knowing someone knows you, and wants who you are, everyday, is as awesome as a sunrise itself! The nature of community is meant to deliver this experience.

Learning how to let more love in than ever before, through learning how to love, then to move in human relationship in ways that flower your dreams to create a personal environment, where what you want most, is all people want from you~ that is a context of this transmutation nation culture.

Love not being for romance alone lives in all of us to be shared, revered and enjoyed through creative enterprise. Creating is to life what sex is to propagation. It links us to our greater self in ways unspeakable and new. Giving us our multigenerational lifetimes of longevity and change.

It awakens abilities by generating the body that can tolerate these lifetimes in one, intuitive senses that flower as if touched by the most ecstatic gardener ever. Ecstasy grows as does the touch of love in our lives. Touch grows as our eyes and hand become one.

And so in one movement we are one and all. This section is to celebrate the reality that humanity is one Source shared from many vantage points and ready to bless all richly through the ecology of consciousness they share. It is simple mechanics, not performance quotas to make that gets us here.

Transmutation Nation invites you to its unfolding, because you are important to its shaping.

Thank you. Anahata Graceland

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