Community Building is like saying you want to care for the planets ecology — just another type of ecology, the ecology of consciousness. It’s a recognition of a human need that waxes and wanes like a moon inside the skyline of our present history. We all intuit the importance of community in our lives.

There is a memory inside us intuitively that knows that when we feel joyful moments with each other, it is something so very natural. It tells us that sharing who we are is first and foremost on the list of fulfilling experiences for human beings.

It says that when we share this gift of who we are with others, we feel satisfied just for having done it. The kudos we receive are somewhat of a happy dance of life. And when we have created by ourselves alone and now want to co-create with others to enjoy a grander experience with ourselves, we seem to take a deep sigh as though we have arrived somewhere that we will never really leave again in our lifetime.

This is because once we experience it, most of us stick with it. Wise people seem to know these things, don’t they? They got wise through experiencing their communities while being who they truly were. I assure you.

The self that stretches far into eternity and reaches back to us in reflections that harmonize with our deepest heart’s song that we were singing when we stretched… Way out beyond, out there… we exist too.

And playing closely with each other, sharing experiences in the heart of a context that values each of us as important and challenges us to find the balance and harmony as we look toward a purpose for our coming together…. This is a code for change and the birth of wisdom so great that we may realize we do have the ability to find that other 90% of the brain power everyone was talking about 50 years ago when I was a young woman.

Those that ran the world then knew we had the brain and ability to do so much more than what we did each day in the human experience, yet there wasn’t an understanding as to how to unlock it. Well, community is a rich way to begin that joyful discovery, but with a few key principles in place that will insure its unfolding in ways we desire most.

My friend Paul Polak is talking about “the other 90%”, in his book “Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail”. In this, he is referring to designing for greater functionality for the whole of the world, not just for the rich. He has created so much freedom and opportunity by this simple contemplation.

I think now he has taken over 10 million people out of poverty with this wonderful idea as he coalesced resources naturally from all ends of the earth along his journey. Now even the Smithsonian made a show of these new innovative designs. All from one dream and one man, yet many people….

I have contemplated his time on my property years ago when he wrote his book on retreat while visiting his daughter, one of my students and a dear friend of mine.  I contemplate it as it is such a wonderful example of how when we turn to an appreciation of the whole of the self, we suddenly turn up new resources and people dig it!

In other words, human relationships are like greater cells in our brains. When we honor them and combine our efforts as allies to a cause, a purpose and intent, we can awaken ourselves to the other 90% of the brain we haven’t been so acquainted with to date.

But, painfully, we didn’t understand how to involve in relationships in ways that actually allowed us to do this. We kept thinking of everything through consumer lenses, competitive survival modes of thinking, and this created a tight need for awfully confining roles and a very small window for exploring diverse perspectives of the unknown. It was too threatening.

But now that we have tipped the scale in the recent years to understand that our brain power is organized by the way we see, our perspectives, our attitudes. The new sciences of the smallest of the small that define matter as arising from a field of energy are accelerating in the revelation that a fully felt mind-body of attention is generative in the direction of such a felt body!

That means that eventually, if we hold a dream in mind and live our lives responding to life continually as if we are in that dream, aiding it into existence by touching the reality of it in faith within ourselves, then we actually shape the likelihood for it to manifest from the subtle realms of the self into the world around us.

Now what is amazing in this dialogue is how much this points to the importance of relationship. Because there is nothing that begets a felt response like those we are intimate with. We “feel” that which we are intimate with. We don’t feel that which wearedistanced from. Intimacy gives us the freedom to change!

Community provides the environment for massive change and evolution of the self when it is set up through honoring each participant as a valuable asset to the community.

This design permits us to be sculptors of our lives through greater principles of being. We set ourselves on the altar of a shared purpose and live honestly, revealing ourselves by our choices and our interactions each day.

The contrasts, hopes and dreams shared by each member builds a rich ground to harvest love and a sense of well being that outlasts any pocket full of money or other gains we were taught mattered so much.  Not that any of those things like money are not important. They simply wane to small potatoes if they are supposed to be the most satisfying of experiences in life. The rich are rich only if they know intimacy and its values.

So, community affords us experiences that we were meant to unfold as interconnected beings. Let me give you an example. They are everywhere in our society in our story telling, especially movies that tell of sports legends!

Just think of one of those stories now, where some sports team of children coached by someone who believed in their passion to play the game gave them undeniable witness and responded with support of the children. Then they overcame all their challenges and won!

These stories are not just about a great coach. They are about dreams that seem impossible. Dreams that utilize everybody’s energy, and then some, toward a goals’ accomplishment. They are about how life will challenge at first and seem desperately impossible, like what else could possibly go wrong? And when we, like those kids, don’t back down, miracles happen.

We either get accepted for the big game or someone pays for our badly needed equipment or someone who was playing and quit returns with more heart toward the game than they originally played. The point is that the magic sets loose and miracles emerge, putting the ball in the pocket! And the celebration is but an in-breath to the out-breath of the game. It is a natural nourishment to the soul.

So we see how life swarms those who persevere and form collectives of intent. It meets them right where they want it to, but not always the way they think it will. They have to have a “blind eye” toward everything, but the focus of their intent. The rest is held in faith.

That great code to life that offers one of the most formidable gifts of any of the mechanics of consciousness that have been handed down over thousands of years of human existence.

We see how heaven and earth move to meet the heart of their vision and their undeniable action, as one hand of god they move toward their goal. And the hand of god meets them every time!

The group has to form a team spirit, acknowledge where strengths lie and where weaknesses exist that could be used against them if placed improperly in the game. They have to have respect for each other to get the entrepreneurial spirit engaged that causes people to put more in than they knew they had to begin with. This principle of allyship toward a purpose is explained further in the Honor Codes for Transmuters.

In the same way, when we form communities based on goals that are far beyond our individual abilities, we create an environment that can afford all the same connection points to joy, camaraderie, learning, confidence building, encounters that cause for personal evolution as well as collective evolution in wisdom.

Why do we think we love to watch sports as we do? It is a safe way to see what settles us all down, the undeniable joy that comes from group attainment of dreams. The disciplines of focusing on purpose and great team play, instead of petty, egotistical games and political maneuvers makes us feel great. It is what we were made for. And when we experience things in life that mimic the principles that cause for us to excel in wisdom and touch the hand of grace, we respond to it emotionally. We feel good about it.

Just like in love, we have to learn to see the whole person to make love, instead of merely having sex. It is the same with any of our natural nourishment zones of humanity.

Sports may play with the parts of people that make them touch these realities, but it may not allow for the full enchilada alone! Now to become aware of what we are playing instead is the key, as we make conscious choices to join aware of what we can produce, what we hold most dear to our intention. To trust that we will find a way to allow all the diversity and uncomfortable feelings of not knowing how we can make it is to start life anew.

Then to allow the relationships of importance involved in that dream making reality to take on an importance that delivers intimate experiences to our doorsteps daily. To remember that our response to those experiences and our willingness to enter the unknown of those experiences with our fellows is what will gift us in the end more than we can possibly imagine… that is why we want it so badly!

Our personal passion is a stream of information that wants to flow into the world and be shared with others to form greater realities of the mind of the one Source of life we are.

This can happen in communities where individual truth and desires of the heart are valued and held with high esteem. When people live honorably and support each other to live within the context of the whole (community), and they are seen as actually being a gift to the whole experience of shared intent, then they experience a grace that is a wonderful experience to have as a human being. And something changes in them forever. Their bodies have become the house for the more that they sought to experience after all. And satisfaction runs deep in their veins. The place where health lives.

Community is the green exchange of conscious experience that enables the evolution of human existence in the end. Let’s keep it at the beginning in our awareness and choose to unfold it with principles consistent with life, the pursuit of happiness and well being for all.

Here are some honor codes that I have used throughout my life to form a community of love and support for effective living and growing wise.

Over time, I will be doing webisodes to share about each code, so for now, enjoy them as they are written and explore them as I did when they fell out of me one day while writing. As though given a gift, they flowed from my hand with never an edit in their history. They have taught me much about life and love. I pray they bless you as richly should you find your way to living them as well. Write me your experiences if you would.

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