Falling Through the Cracks

Falling Through the Cracks

Through the cracks in the steps it slipped,

a piece of me floating down into a world where

cloned eyes see from below with cosmic senses.


Where I am with myself has changed.

I see both the innocence of my want,

it’s truth and it’s youthfulness.

It allows me

to see the absence of loving I have had to endure.

Now, such deprivation serves only to reveal the truth of royal desire.

I am no longer in question.

How far I have come not to lay in wanton abandon of who I am,

but to instead feel the boundaries of a world encased by fear

and fall between its cracks into the freedom of remembrance.

To trust the love

and become new in my response to this irrelevance and fear from another

is the gift I give to myself now with this abundance of sacred memory.

Through the cracks,

where light streams freely and rodents find feasts

just waiting for their unending families.

They make their way through as I

insisting on the meal

they’ve dreamed.

Insisting on the triumph

of gain in the face of starvation.

How beloved the truth is, always waiting

around the corner away from the constructs of

conditionings and fear.

Heaven is but a glance left or right.

Right behind the beliefs woven in the casting of the story.

Right under the very structures where we live and climb our way to the top of in haste and urgency. Right underneath the projects that steal parents from children in need and make fools of the innocent smiles of their trustful want.

Give to yourself

for no one else will do it.

And when you do

everyone will follow!

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