Founder & Director of Transmutation Nation – Speaker

•  Human Development and Transmutational Skill Building

•  Transmutational Reality, A Model of Human Development

•  Honor Codes for Transmuters: Help communities generate sustainable relationships multi-generationally.

•  The Ecology of Consciousness – Initiation and Remedy, Doorways to Greater Evolution in Relationship

Community Development Consultant

Coach for Entrepreneurs, Entertainers and Creative Adepts

Story Singing – The Magic of Communicating and Shaping Life In Song


•  Increase Creative Passion

•  Clarify Intention through Intent Track Guide Training

•  Source Voice Training

•  Establish Entrepreneurial Excellence for Creative Projects

•  Relationship Adventure

•  Intuition Training

•  Animal Communication

Living Beyond Death – Healing and Coaching for Life Transitions and Cycles of Change

•  Transmuting Ill Health to Joyful Adventure and the Right to Change In and Out of Form

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