I’ve known Anahata Graceland and Transmutation Nation for many years. My daughter Amy and my family have been working with Anahata and I admire very much the constructive impact Anahata and Transmutation Nation has had on my daughter and I very much respect the work that Anahata and Transmutation Nation does in life coaching.

Paul Polak, MD,
Internationally acclaimed development expert
Author of “Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail

There are few people willing and capable of communicating love in extreme tenderness and power for the edification of another’s soul as Anahata Graceland. I have been the recipient of her care as my mentor for the past 7 years, and through my involvement with her I’ve become a more loving, understanding, compassionate, passionate, and purposeful man, husband, and soon to be father.

Anahata not only has the wisdom, but also has developed an entire model of understanding, of what humans really are as transmutational beings, that has made it easy for me to evolve into the person that I’ve always dreamed myself to be without getting tied up in old ways of fear based thinking. I have never seen anyone not be increased in their value after an interaction with her. She adds value to every environment and actually creates an environment of simple humanness that is at once so ordinary and at the same time very evolved and inspiring for our times.

Arturo Celleri,

There has been no better ally to my dream of building a theater company than Anahata Graceland. She’s been a staunch supporter, a fan of my work as a director, and a true believer in my talent, my vision and my fortitude. When I’ve doubted myself and my own abilities, I’ve been able to borrow her opinion of me and use that to get me through some hard times. I will always be grateful.

Aaron J. Schmookler
Artistic Director

Anahata Graceland is the real deal. She is an inspired mind, a truly revolutionary person. But even more importantly, she loves like I have never seen another human being love. Her presence and witness have been key in my learning to be ecstatic, in life, allowing me to bring that ecstasy into the birthing experience for myself and my clients.

Rebecca Ellisor,
Birth Educator and Doula

As a public school educator and instructional coach for school personnel, one of the ingredients that’s most profoundly lacking everywhere you look is hopefulness. Knowing Anahata for a number of years and studying with her has entirely reversed my previous resignations to being “realistic” to what is possible. The problem is, resignation does not create real change.

Empowered with the faith and resolve that I have seen Anahata bring to even the most extreme situations and circumstances, I am now able to face seemingly unchangeable systems with the patience that comes from knowing that anything can be created at any time. My colleagues and students experience me creating unlikely and very effective solutions to “intractable” problems. This is the mechanics of how hope and inspiration spreads.

I couldn’t hold this post and generate this level of faith in my work if it hadn’t been for the teachings and friendship of Anahata Graceland.

Amy Schefer,
District Wide Instructional Coach for ESL at Bethel School District

My life journey really began when I met Anahata 38 years ago. Both of us were students at Elizabeth Seton College. Anahta was 16 going on 65. She was ageless, witty and one of the most dynamic individuals I had ever met.

I am so grateful to have a friend like Anahata. She went out on a limb for me by sharing what she knew. The day I heard her sound and resonated with the truth of her words changed my life. These many years we have been sisters of heart!! I have never lost that listening of the truth she continues to share with me.

I learned from her what it is to trust your knowing and take. This has empowered me to stay in the truth of my expression. Today I know that the power of saying what’s so creates movement for others, even if you’re not around to see it.

Dr. Marie Freyre

Anahata Graceland has been weaving in and out of my life in many ways as a friend. And I am absolutely honored and proud to have her in my life and be in her life. Anahata can and does go out of her way to do little things which mean so much, things that people remember for 20 years. She is a very caring person who creates amazing community around her with caring, caring friends. I admire that in her and love it.

Kutira Decosterd
Founder of the Kahua Institute,
creator of BMM-HCG Program,
an internationally acknowledged Tantra yoga teacher,
and creator of Oceanic Tantra

Anahata Graceland has been a tremendous mentor, support and ally to me in the unfolding of my healing practice and my entrepreneurial dreams as a chiropractor and wellness coach. She assisted me to first clarify my goals and desires and then to organize to go after them with passion and joy. Anahata has also helped me to establish a balance in my life to enjoy and feel ease in my personal and professional life leading to a genuine sense of well-being. I give my highest recommendation to any professional looking to reach for their dreams, “go work with Anahata Graceland.”

Dr. Brad Ellisor D.C.

I am eternally grateful to Anahata Graceland for her invaluable friendship and mentorship in my life. When I was young, I dreamt of being a musician. However, over and over again I was given the message that people cannot make it as musicians. So I slowly let this dream go and consequently fell into a low grade depression and developed an eating disorder. I went to see Anahata Graceland, thinking I was going to her to fix my eating disorder, but she barely touched that! Instead she asked me about my dreams and relationships.

She immediately supported my dream of performing and gave me tools to access my joy and passion for life. She taught me to notice when I was thinned or drained by something, and when I was fattened, or energized and inspired, by something. This simple practice opened me up to notice what really feeds my soul and to a wealth of information that I did not know I had.

This had a profound change on me and my music. It caused me to believe in my dreams again and to even pursue avenues of music I never would have. Today I am touring musician, performing with such wonderful musicians as Scott Cossu of Windham Hill. I lead my own jazz quartet and teach many students the tools that I learned from Anahata. Thanks to Anahata I am living my dream and making way for others to do the same.

Jessica Blinn
Professional Musician and Musical Instructor
Violinist, Vocalist

Anahata is an event! I was part of her growing up and supported by her with both family and some business projects. She is an extraordinary person, great to have on your team when putting projects together. She is a poet at heart with the highest of character. She has strong organizational skills that help people get what they are after. She is made of pure love and amazingly effective at the same time — with whatever she under takes!

Jane Deacy
Formerly of the Jane Deacy Agency, NY
Represented George C. Scott & James Dean

I can remember a time in my life where I was dominated and haunted by feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and anger. Looking back on this time in my life, the majority of my life, I am now overcome with feelings of gratitude, hope and love. I am so glad to be alive and am thankful for every new dawn, and every sunset that I experience.

Through and the people at Transmutation Nation, I have learned tools to drastically improve my life and the lives of those around me. I have destroyed the cycle, have shaken the system, and am now forging onwards into unchartered territory. It feels so good to finally live.

15 year-old-girl

I have nothing but good words for Anahata Graceland. She has always been friendly, open and authentic with me. She is a dear sweet woman and I see her as a great and wonderful person in our community.

What I really appreciate about Anahata is her generosity and warmth. She is also someone who is excellent to work with.

Anahata is forthright, honest, clear and open and because of this the lines of communication and professionalism are distinct and clear. This makes it a pleasure to work with her and her team. I’m very grateful for Anahata, for who she is as an individual and a member of our community.

Scott Ercoliani – Founder and President of Real To Reel Media, Inc.

I will never forget the first time I met Anahata. I was having a bad year because of my health and had very low self esteem because I had no teeth. But Anahata made me feel so special. She asked me to sing at her restaurant – Two Friends Bistro. She called it “Lori Night.” And she convinced me that that when I sang no one even knew I had no teeth. Anahata is a very loving person and shows everyone that love. She has a way of saying things to you that come from her heart and it makes you feel alive again. She made me feel like singing again. God bless you Anahata.

Lori Leavitt

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